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What Adds Royalty Factor to Limo Services?

What Adds Royalty Factor to Limo Services?

Not every passenger feels the need of maintaining a style statement and those who do, never miss a chance to ride on the plushest limousines. And this is where a fine line draws between booking a cab and hiring a limo for special events. 

We understand renting a limo costs a bit higher than availing any other on-demand cab service. And that’s why we make sure our customers feel it worth spending every penny when getting served at Xclusive. 

How We Turn Limo Ride into Royal Experience? 

Even the plushest limousine may fail to give you the royal experience you were expecting to relish until you are not riding with a professional Lamborghini chauffeur. On top of this, when a passenger demands to rent a limo, of course, s/he would never want to drive it on his/her own. 

And that’s where we stand out convenient for our customers. We understand the joy of experiencing royalty when we want it the most. This is one reason we make sure to provide chauffeur-driven limos only. 

Be it executive travel or wedding parties, our professional chauffeurs dress accordingly to be the best fit for the moment. 

Making the ride a special one, the chauffeurs greet the passengers with basic manners including- closing or opening the door for passengers, controlling music system or AC control on demand, being polite and concerned when communicating with passengers, and much more. 

What Makes Our Chauffeurs Recommendable?

Undoubtedly, to be a chauffeur for a limo rider, you need to be someone above average. Thinking why? Well, the vehicle isn’t ordinary and so will not be the customers. 

Apart from having rich experience of the relevant profession, a driving license, basic etiquette, flawless communication skills, there is a lot more one needs to possess to be the perfect chauffeur to drive royalty.  

Here is what makes our professional chauffeurs a perfect choice? 

  1. Well-planned mindset: Whenever we are assigning a chauffeur to any of our customer, we make sure the chauffeur do much-required homework on tour planning which may include- finding out the shortest route to the destination, ample knowledge of the city routes and spots like- public restrooms, and hospitals. 

    The chauffeur is responsible to prepare alternative tour plans, so just in case, plan A doesn’t work, another route model can prove life saviour.

  1. Smooth driving skills: Our chauffeurs are well-trained on driving smoothly so the passengers don’t spill drinks on each other or bear any sort of inconvenience. As a slight steering movement can turn the entire limo in seconds, we make sure to analyze the driving skills of each chauffeur before assigning them a trip with passengers.
  2. Certification: Rare people know chauffeurs need to attain a certificate to drive limos. And we make sure each of our chauffeur coming on board with us holds the same.
  3. Attentive at serving passengers: You never know when the destiny has planned to put you in some unfavourable conditions. Keeping this in mind, we train our chauffeurs to observe the circumstances and act accordingly. For instance- if there is an accidental emergency, our chauffeurs know how to provide quick first aid and if required take the passenger to the hospital for the medical proceedings.

So, ready to hit your upcoming event in your favourite flamboyant limo with our chauffeurs? To proceed, book a limo right away or get details over call via 0131261593 or 08001303000

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