Beauford Tourer

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British based car company Beauford is known for many popular vehicles, not the least of which is the Beauford Tourer. Based in looks on the 1930s Grand Tourer (GT) vehicles that were well known for their power and comfort, the Beauford Tourer continues the tradition that began with the Italian influence on long-range endurance racing vehicles.

The key to endurance vehicles is ensuring comfort, and the Beauford Tourer does not disappoint. Seen in white and burgundy, the Xclusive Beauford Tourer features a convertible cover and a classic hood ornament. You’ll feel as though you have travelled back in time when riding in the Beauford Tourer, and with good reason.
A throwback to a time of ostentatious vehicles used by the upper classes, the cream leather interior is comfortable and spacious, enhanced by cushions for comfort. As a wedding car, the Tourer can be bedecked in flowers of your choice, and the stylish refinements include wood panelling on the dash and a steel and metal steering wheel.

Classically styled headlamps and a spare wheel mounted to the side further enhance the look of the vehicle, and it is clear to see that there is plenty of space for an extravagant bridal gown to fit in the rear.

Such a beautiful car will not allow you to pass unnoticed, so whether you choose to hire the Beauford Tourer for a wedding or another event you can be certain that you will be noticed. In a bygone era, this is the style of car that would have carried dignitaries or the Lord of The Manor around, so there is every reason for you to choose this vehicle to take you wherever is needed.

Comfort is never compromised, and your highly skilled and thoughtful professional chauffeur will make sure everything runs as smoothly as possible. Trained for all eventualities, our chauffeurs always work for your benefit and with your needs and requirements in mind.

Due to its size and appearance, the Beauford Tourer is a very popular vehicle especially for those who want to travel in style. Due to its popularity, should you wish to use the Tourer for your wedding, birthday, prom, or another event, Xclusive recommend that you make your reservation well in advance to avoid any possible disappointment.


Also available in different colour combination –

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Imperial Landaulette

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Designed by specialists with over 3 decades of experience in custom vehicles, the stylish and elegant Imperial Landaulette is highly regarded as a perfect wedding car full of the spirit of the 1930s. Travelling through time to present a vehicle with modern features but classic styling, the Landaulette truly hits the mark when it comes to sophistication.
Created in the traditional landaulette style, the rear section of the Imperial Landaulette is convertible. When the roof is raised, the passengers are protected from the elements and onlookers, but when lowered the passengers may be seen in all their glory.

This makes the car a great choice for a bride on the way to her wedding. Her dress and beauty can be seen should she choose to have the top down, and there is plenty of space inside to fit even the most extravagant of wedding dresses.

The interior of the Xclusive Imperial Landaulette is reminiscent of a 5-star hotel, with a sumptuous cream leather rear seat that would not look out of place at the Hilton. Holders for ice buckets with optional champagne are built in, and the vehicle can include flowers to match your theme or other accoutrements.

An ostentatious vehicle that is sure to draw attention, the interior is further improved by the inclusion of deep rugs for your pleasure and comfort. The classically styled headlamps and side-mounted spare wheel complete the exterior look of a vehicle that simply oozes classiness.

Make no mistake, you will not be travelling incognito in the Imperial Landaulette. Whether you use it for a wedding or any other event, you can be certain that heads will turn, and everyone will want to catch a glimpse of you.
Our vehicles come complete with a trained and highly skilful chauffeur who will ensure that your day goes as planned. While our cars are spectacular, it is our chauffeurs that make a real difference, always ready to assist and help you make the best of your time with them.

The Imperial Landaulette is a very popular vehicle due to its design and level of comfort. If you want to travel in style, you can be sure that the Imperial is the right choice. Because of its popularity, Xclusive recommend that those people wishing to use the vehicle for their wedding, birthday party, black tie event, or any other event, should make their reservation well in advance to guarantee the vehicle will be available.

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Viscount Landaulette

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The Viscount Landaulette is a specialist vehicle designed with weddings in mind. It can certainly be used for almost any event, but it incorporates features that are sure to make any bride happy.
Built thoughtfully and to the highest standards, the Viscount Landaulette is a refinement of earlier Viscount models and is styled after the traditional London Taxi.

A luxurious vehicle that is designed for comfort, there is plenty of space for a bride and an extravagant dress – in fact, up to 7 people can travel in the vehicle at once, demonstrating the amount of space available.

Designed in the traditional landaulette style, the rear section of the roof is convertible. The Xclusive Viscount features a burgundy cover and carpet, contrasted with the interior cream colouring of the leather rear seat.

The frontal appearance of the Viscount is reminiscent of the 1940s Rolls Royce Wraith, and the finishing touches to the interior certainly add to the appeal. A holder for an ice bucket and optional champagne is included, and the car can feature foliage of flowers to match your event.

This classic car for hire is beautiful and elegant, as well as being comfortable and spacious. It is ideal for a wedding vehicle and will not only transport the occupants in style but will also look great in any of the photos from the wedding.

Similarly, arriving at a prom in such a vehicle is sure to cause a stir, and prom photos featuring the Viscount Landaulette will look great for many years to come.
Ostentatious and attractive, you’ll feel as though you have stepped back in time and joined the gentry. Fabulous in city or country settings, the Viscount Landaulette will allow you the opportunity to see how the other half live.

Add in our highly trained and professional chauffeur, and we’re certain that your wedding or any other event will be unforgettable. There is no experience quite like arriving at a venue in a

Viscount Landaulette, and we’re sure you’ll agree once you give it a try.

The Viscount Landaulette is a very popular vehicle and so we advise that you place your booking far in advance to make certain our vehicle is secured your use. It is a fantastic and comfortable car and is not one to be missed.



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Royal Windsor

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Don’t let the looks deceive you – while the Royal Windsor looks like an older vehicle, it is actually a modern machine designed in the style of an earlier decade. This means that unlike many classic cars, the Royal Windsor is safe and comfortable even on longer journeys.

Designed in the landaulette style, the rear features a convertible section that protects against the elements when raised or draws attention to the rear seat when lowered. As the name suggest, you’ll find it difficult not to feel like royalty when being transported in this car.

Ideal for weddings, the spacious interior of the vehicle allows for even the largest and most extravagant of dresses to be accommodated. There is nothing worse than arriving at a wedding venue crumpled and crinkled, and the Royal Windsor ensures that you will arrive looking your best.

The fancy grille and smooth curves of the Royal Windsor give an air of class and sophistication that will turn heads at any event, and the winged emblem on the front of the vehicle begets and image of reliability. Although perfect as marital transport, the use of this vehicle is not limited to just weddings, as any event that you wish to create a good impression at will benefit from the arrival of the Windsor.

Chauffeur driven by one of our highly skilled and attentive drivers, your journey in the vintage car will be safe and enjoyable. Full of character, the vehicle will look great in the background of photos for a wedding, prom, black tie event, or anywhere else you may be inclined to choose to use it. Its timeless elegance will help you to stand out and provide a talking point for everyone around.

Comfortable upholstered seats and lush carpeting finish off the interior of the vehicle to a very high standard, increasing the pleasure you will feel as you travel in it. A striking example of all that is great about classically styled cars, you’ll be certain to enjoy the experience and remember it for a long time to come.
This is a highly sought-after vehicle, and as such Xclusive recommend booking far in advance to make certain it is available on your desired date. Add a level of class to your event by choosing the chauffeur driven Royal Windsor to hire for any event.

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