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Stretch Limos With Options

Hiring a stretch limo will allow you to travel in comfort and luxury with a group of your friends or family. We have a selection of limos available, some capable of seating up to 16 people. You can choose a stretch limo for a night on the town, to get to an event, or even for transporting guests to your wedding – the choice is yours.
However, it wouldn’t be the full experience if you just got in the car and out again – you want to have some fun while travelling! We offer a range of options to help you have a great time, arrive in style, and transport as many people as you need to.
If you can’t see exactly what you’re looking for, just get in touch with us. We’re more than happy to build a custom package just for you. Stretch limos make a statement, and just how you want that to be expressed is up to you.

Your Choice of Hire

Hiring a stretch limo can help you make an impressive entrance, a fabulous exit, or both! We provide one-way hire, return hire, and even all-day hire. You can go to the club, a party, an event, or just spend the day cruising and shopping.
We give you the flexibility to choose what to do and for your convenience and safety each and every vehicle is provided with a chauffeur. Professional and attentive, fully uniformed, they’ll make sure your needs are met and that you have a fantastic experience.

Mix and Match

You don’t just have to hire a single stretch limo. Depending on how many people are coming with you, you might prefer to hire two or more vehicles. These can be further stretch limos, standard limos, luxury cars, vintage cars, or even supercars.
Why not arrive in the car of your dreams and have your entourage follow behind? When you choose to hire multiple vehicles, you’ll get a discounted rate compared to the cost of hiring them individually.

A Great Time

We’re certain you’ll have a great time, and we offer packages to make sure that you do. From champagne on board with neon lights and a booming entertainment system, to birthday parties for kids with soft drinks and a ride they’ll remember for years, we’ve got it all covered.
Whether it’s just a time of driving around to see the sights, or there’s a destination to be reached, you’ll be in safe hands

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