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Supercar Package Hire

Hiring a supercar is easy with Xclusive, but did you know we offer some amazing packages to make your supercar experience that much better? From city tours to photography, birthday parties, and just showing up to make an impression, you can do whatever you like in our supercars.
Make an impact as you arrive at a party, or get VIP entry into a night club. You’ll feel like the king or queen of the world wherever you go in one of our supercars.
We also offer multi vehicle packages, so why not combine a supercar and stretch limo? Get the party started properly while letting everyone know that you are the one who is celebrating. It’s a fantastic way to get around and there’s no other experience like being transported in a high powered vehicle, wherever you are going!

Where to Today?

We can accommodate different types of hiring including both one way hire and return hire. You can choose a supercar to make a statement as you arrive or depart a location, or both!
Nothing leaves an impression like the sleek lines and curves of a high-powered vehicle. The sound of the engine will grab the attention of all the people nearby, and they’ll wonder who it is that is riding in such an amazing vehicle.
If you want to be dropped off for an event or picked up from the club, it’s no problem. Be a supercar superstar whenever you want.

Driven For You

Our supercar packages include a uniformed and professional chauffeur to drive you around. Highly trained, our chauffeurs will ensure that you arrive at your destination safe and sound. Our packages include the option of driving around on a cruising tour of the local area, so if you want everyone to see the car you are in, you’re in luck.
Every part of the route and schedule is customisable, so whatever your needs are, please get in touch and we can put a package together for you.

The Full Experience

Supercar packages are available for all ages, so if there’s a birthday coming up why not choose to hire a supercar to celebrate? The supercar birthday experience will include the uniformed chauffeur as standard, and alcohol-free beverages for our younger passengers (or champagne or other drinks for our older passengers).
Of course, it doesn’t have to be a birthday. Celebrate a milestone, a new job, even just celebrate life itself. Whatever you want to celebrate, the day is sure to be better with a supercar, and our Xclusive supercar hire is certain to be a hit with you and your friends.

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