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Royal Windsor

Vintage Wedding Cars

Don’t let the looks deceive you – while the Royal Windsor looks like an older vehicle, it is actually a modern machine designed in the style of an earlier decade. This means that unlike many classic cars, the Royal Windsor is safe and comfortable even on longer journeys.

Designed in the landaulette style, the rear features a convertible section that protects against the elements when raised or draws attention to the rear seat when lowered. As the name suggest, you’ll find it difficult not to feel like royalty when being transported in this car.

Ideal for weddings, the spacious interior of the vehicle allows for even the largest and most extravagant of dresses to be accommodated. There is nothing worse than arriving at a wedding venue crumpled and crinkled, and the Royal Windsor ensures that you will arrive looking your best.

The fancy grille and smooth curves of the Royal Windsor give an air of class and sophistication that will turn heads at any event, and the winged emblem on the front of the vehicle begets and image of reliability. Although perfect as marital transport, the use of this vehicle is not limited to just weddings, as any event that you wish to create a good impression at will benefit from the arrival of the Windsor.

Chauffeur driven by one of our highly skilled and attentive drivers, your journey in the vintage car will be safe and enjoyable. Full of character, the vehicle will look great in the background of photos for a wedding, prom, black tie event, or anywhere else you may be inclined to choose to use it. Its timeless elegance will help you to stand out and provide a talking point for everyone around.

Comfortable upholstered seats and lush carpeting finish off the interior of the vehicle to a very high standard, increasing the pleasure you will feel as you travel in it. A striking example of all that is great about classically styled cars, you’ll be certain to enjoy the experience and remember it for a long time to come.
This is a highly sought-after vehicle, and as such Xclusive recommend booking far in advance to make certain it is available on your desired date. Add a level of class to your event by choosing the chauffeur driven Royal Windsor to hire for any event.

Royal Windsor
Royal Windsor The Royal Windsor is a classic vehicle built in style of the 1950s that is ideal as a wedding car. Adding a level of style and elegance, the rear features a convertible cover in the landaulette style.
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