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Custom Vintage Car Packages

Choosing a vintage car for your wedding day is popular for many reasons. They look fantastic in photos and add a sense of class to all the proceedings. No matter what kind of vehicle you choose, you may find that there are many family members and friends from different locations who want to celebrate with you, and you might need to arrange more than just a single vehicle.
To make this process easier for you, we have a selection of packages and extras that will help you to have a day to remember. Whatever kind of vehicle you are after, we can assist with the hire of limos, luxury cars, and more besides.
Our chauffeurs will get you to your destination in good time, and we’ll look after everyone who is in the car. We pay great attention to detail and won’t leave anything to chance – your day will run smoothly, and everyone will be happy.

Multiple Hire Options

We understand that everyone will have different requirements, and you might have certain people who only need to be taken to one location. Our hire options include this one-way service, but we also offer return hire and all-day hire. This is ideal for weddings as your ceremony will most likely be in a different location from your reception, and people will still need to get home after the reception – or away on honeymoon!
If the bride and groom are to be collected from different locations, we offer a discount for choosing two vintage cars to get them.

Multi Car Packages

If you want to choose a multi car package, the selection is up to you. You can mix and match with limos, vintage, and luxury cars to get all your guests to wherever they need to be. Our standard cars will be capable of carrying 3 or 4 passengers at one time, and multiple cars will allow the transportation of as many people as you need.
The more cars you have, the more opportunities you have for great photos. The wedding party flanked on each side by a classic car is an image you’ll cherish.

Making The Most of The Day

Multiple cars will reduce the number of trips you need to make and give you more time to enjoy your day. The day can also be enhanced by including some of our optional extras, such as drinks within the vehicles.
We always provide highly skilled professional chauffeurs to drive each vehicle, and they’ll do everything they can to help you.
By choosing an Xclusive car package, you’ll help to guarantee that your day will be one to remember.

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