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Vintage Wedding Car

There’s something about a vintage vehicle that sets the tone for a wedding as being a class above. It speaks of days gone by and values that still exist to this day, where love and passion can conquer all. When you choose a vintage wedding car from Xclusive, you can be sure that your day will just keep getting better and better.
Cherished vehicles with a graceful appearance will provide great satisfaction for both the passengers and the onlookers. A spectacle to behold, our vintage wedding cars will raise the bar for your wedding and make it an event to remember.

Driving Your Love

What could be better than having your love on display by arriving in a vintage wedding car? Arriving in a chauffeur-driven car certainly would! The choice of vehicle is yours, and with the addition of a chauffeur to make sure you reach your destination on time, you’ll certainly have a fantastic day.
Conjuring images of weddings of the past, we have a thoroughly modern idea of what makes your wedding day work well – classic vehicles with a modern-day attention to detail and customer service gives you a winning combination.

Classic Vehicles

They certainly don’t build them like they used to, and our range of classic vehicles will allow you to experience the feeling of quality and luxury like never before. There’s no better way to travel to an event than in a car that makes a statement, and our cars will help you to show just how you feel.
Will you choose the Beauford Tourer or the Royal Windsor? With a selection of vehicles available, it’s entirely up to you. You can choose the vehicle that adds that little extra something to your day, something to make it more memorable than it would be already. It is the day when your life changes forever, so make it as special as possible and choose the vintage car your wedding needs.

Your Style

While we know there are certain traditions of dress and style that many people expect for a wedding, we won’t hold you to tradition – even in a vintage wedding car. Your wedding is as individual as you are, so if you’ve got any needs or requirements to match your style, we’re happy to accommodate most requests.
We want you to completely enjoy your day, and we’ll do all that we can to make sure your wedding day is a total success. It is an honour to be able to provide vehicles for your wedding, and your wants and needs are always our number one priority.

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