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Supercars For The VIP Experience

Supercars are often thought to be the domain of the rich and famous, but now you can experience the raw power and excitement of travelling in a supercar and the VIP lifestyle that comes with it.
Whenever a supercar pulls up anywhere, you know someone important is about to get out of it. What if that VIP was you? Our VIP Supercar hire service lets you arrive at a chosen destination like you own the place – the noise of the engine and the sleek outline of a modern supercar will draw attention like nothing else.
This is your chance to show everyone what you’re made of. You don’t have to produce a million-selling song or score the winner in a cup final, you simply need to hire a supercar from Xclusive to gain all the benefits.


Choose A Vehicle

Pick a supercar from McLaren, or the Audi R8 Spyder, or perhaps the Lamborghini Aventedor. Each one is well-known for being a fantastic supercar, and each one will make an impression that lasts. Capable of fast acceleration and unbelievable top speeds, these cars stick to the road like glue and will give you the ride of your life.
If you want to send out a message that you are the one to watch, just turn up to any event in one of these supercars. There’s no way you could be ignored.

Beautiful Cars

Designed by experts and completely aerodynamic, every one of these supercars is thing of beauty. Outside they feature curves and colours that set the pulse racing while hidden away from view is a powerful engine that is a marvel of modern technology.
We’re certain you’ll have a great time wherever you choose to go in one of our supercars, and the VIP experience is one you’ll want to try again. We make your enjoyment into our priority and our service is always focused on you.

VIP Chauffeur Service

Every one of our supercars is driven by a fully trained and professional chauffeur as part of the VIP service. You’ll get to your destination safely and make an even bigger impression as the passenger to a fully uniformed chauffeur – why drive when you can pay someone else to do it for you?
You’ll be in the car of your dreams living the superstar lifestyle while everyone looks on and wonders just who you are. Travelling in comfort and style in a supercar is one of the most satisfying experiences there is, and Xclusive allows you the opportunity to travel in the vehicles that others can only dream about.

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