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Flexible Wedding Packages

Weddings can cause many logistical problems when they are being organised – there are often family members and friends from different locations in the country, even from around the world, who want to join the celebrations and spend the day with the happy couple.
To help facilitate this, we provide a selection of packages to make arranging the transport for your big day easier. Whether you want a limo, a luxury car, or a vintage vehicle to get you to your wedding and back again, we can help you.
We’ll make sure you arrive on time and everybody gets to where they need to be. We’ll plan our schedule and routes meticulously to give you the best possible service, leaving you to enjoy your big day without having to worry about anything at all.

Every Way We Can

We’ll help you every way we can, including how long you need a vehicle for. We provide one-way hire, return hire, and even all-day hire should the schedule of your wedding demand it. You might want to have the bride and groom arrive in separate cars but leave in one car together – that’s no problem at all.
We’re happy to collect the bride and groom from different locations and bring them together for the ceremony – that’s what your wedding is all about.

Multi Car Packages

Multiple cars can make everything easier. If you have a lot of guests who need to travel, arranging to use multiple cars will make it simple. Our cars generally carry 3 or 4 passengers in addition to the chauffeur, so if you need to get more people than that on the move, we can offer a discount when you choose to use multiple cars.
You can even choose different car styles – perhaps you want to book a limo and a vintage car together. We can do this for you at a discounted rate to make sure that your day is perfect.

Making It Special

We can include optional extras in all our vehicles, including refreshments and dressing up the vehicle with flowers of your choice. Every vehicle we provide will be driven by a highly trained and professional chauffeur who will do all that they can to assist in making your day special.
Many of our vehicles are large enough to allow elaborate bridal gowns to fit with ease which means that you’ll look your best all day through.
We want you to have an amazing day that you will remember for years to come, and with a vintage car, luxury car, or limo hire for your wedding, we’re certain the day will be unforgettable.

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